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I use KPI aloe every single day. I love the way it makes my skin feel AND look. I couldn't ask for a better product. Aloe is the wonderplant!

I. Paplona

Living in dry Southern California weather for over 25 years, I've experienced extreme dry skin condition for longest time. I've used Nivea - Express Hydration lotion for some time since it gives me the non-sticky quick absorbing feel but the dry skin condition never went away.

S. Young

After I used this Aloe Vera gel, my dry skin condition and itching went away, not 100% yet but 80%. I am now using this product on my face and hair. Now, I have recommended to my wife, my son and friends. This product is also great for sun burn and any issues related to your skin irritation.

D. Bennett

I've seen similar products sell at stores for double the price and not sure how well they work. It being developed by a Korean company, only I can definitely vouch for this one. If you're looking for a great Aloe Vera Gel/Lotion, give this one a shot!

N. Lane

My 18 year old sister ended up taking my first tub from me because it was helping her suppress her facial acne. Aloe has properties that aid the healing process for acne and acne scars. Looks like KPI is using high quality aloe vera in their gel.

T. Peralta

This is my second time of getting this item. When I first bought this for my wife, I wasn't expecting anything. We're just trying it out. However, my wife loves this aloe so much! She uses it everyday on her arms, legs, and face. My wife has a very sensitive skin and often gets rashes. This aloe has helped her with her rashes and itchiness. I will definitely continue to purchase this for my wife. Thank you for the great item!

S. Graziano

This product is absolutely AMAZING! Being from California, I was glad I found this aloe gel in the beginning of the hot summer this year. I've been using it on my face and body as it feels light and refreshing. It smells great as well.

M. Rashad

I bought this product first time. This product is so good for my sensitive skin. It helps my skin calm and smooth. Also, my wife is burnt her finger several times and she complains pain and redness so I applied this product right away and a few minutes later pain and redness go away and she did not get blisters. She really loves this product and wants me to get buy more of this product. I really recommend it. From Hak Cheol Lim. Ca, Irvine.

H. C. Lim

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4 Reasons Men Should Use Aloe Vera Gel | Natural Korean Skin Care

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4 Benefits of Aloe Vera | Natural Korean Skin Care

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